GenderIT – Feminist reflection on internet policies

After various reading and watching news about the gender based violence in internet, I conclude that(also various researchers think like that) internet policies and law to protect the women is not sufficient. So, knowing the internet policies and  keep abreast of the changes, if any, becomes important. But how do we know the policies and changes.Hmm, at this point, I want you to introduce a perfect site for internet policies in terms of feminist perspective. This site is GenderIT( ). It site is emerged from the Association for Progressive Communications Women’s Rights Programme’s advocacy work in information and communications technologies (ICTs).  National policy, gender-sensitive language, understanding of the impact of poor or positive policy, etc. is their concern. This site monitor ICT policies which affect women around the world, but specifically in four regions – Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central Eastern Europe and Latin America.

They give news about the internet governance, various feminist talks for this issue, etc. This site is perfect for the women to understand the laws and policies.


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