WAM Twitter Harassment Reporting Tool

In my previous post, I mentioned that Twitter change its blocking policy so blocking properties partially removed from the Twitter. In order to deal with this change, women’s rights advocacy group launch a tool to report harassment or individuals to report for others’ benefit.

In the report, user describe the date the harassment started, whether or not the victim fears for their personal safety, the exact sort of abuse experienced and whether the abuse is coming from one account or many. Then this report submitted to the Women, Action, & the Media (WAM!), a nonprofit that has sought “gender justice in media” since 2004. WAM! collects the info and works to get a resolution from Twitter.

Twitter also offer a form to report an abuse. This form consists of a menu that that includes options like “specific violent threats,” but does not offer the same level of detail — “revenge porn,” for example — that WAM! does. Thus it is not as effective as WAM!’s tool does.

Jaclyn Friedman, executive director for WAM! told HuffPost via email that

“We feel that [Twitter’s] current reporting tool doesn’t capture enough of the context of the way different women are targeted on Twitter,”

Accoridng to the WAM! ,thier primary aim is data collection and information collected by the tool will ultimately inform how Twitter deals with harassment of women in the future.

For more information about this issue please read the Huffington Post “Twitter Teams With Advocacy Group To Fight Harassment Against Women” news.

To access the WAM! Twitter Harassment Report Tool please follow this link.


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