Amanda Todd’s story

13 years old Amanda entered a chat room to meet new people. One man that she talked force her to  flash her breasts to the webcam. He took a screen shot and sent to a porn website and show this photo to his friends. One year later, he wanted a show and black mail her so that he can produce more photo. He knew Amanda’s address, families, relatives and friends. She was afraid that her family know this issue. Finally, it become a vicious cycle. As a second aspect of the cyber sexual violence, one of Amanda’s friends coerced her into having sex with him, and then pitted his girlfriend against her in a confrontation. The last straw was that all of her pictures were posted on Facebook. When an online bullying campaign began, she commit a suicide. Before she committed a suicide, she posted a video to the YouTube and she told the tale by flash card.

According to the BBC News , the man as been charged in the Netherlands in connection with the suicide of Amanda Todd. But accoridng to the Amanda’s mother,

“I don’t want everyone to get so hyped up that this is it, that this is the end,I don’t think in my heart that this is the end. It’s the start of it. There’s more than one person in those chat rooms. There are more people responsible for extorting [Amanda].”

In my previous post, I mentioned the Amanda Todd but this post is about her story. For more information about I can suggest to read The NewYorker News “The Story of Amanda Todd“.


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