The new violence type of the era: Cyber bullying among university students: Violence among university students

Turan et al.’ s paper give a great perspective for cyber bullying. Here their abstract:



Researchers have stated that internet has both positive and negative features just like all the other information technology tools. The most important example to give of the negative outcomes is peer-to-peer cyber bullying. The most general definition of peer-to-peer cyber bullying is to harm individuals deliberately and repetitively through electronic media.


The survey study was conducted in Istanbul Bilgi University Law School, Istanbul Ticaret University Law School and Marmara University Law School by the students to the faculties’ students. All results were evaluated with SPSS (Statistical Package for Social for Sciences).


579 persons in the range of 18–30 years were included in the survey. A total of 346 (59.8%) cases were cyberbullied on electronic media. 20.7% stated that they were disturbed through internet, 27.7% by mobile phone and 51.7% both by internet and mobile phone. 80% of those who have been exposed to violence through electronic means have been found to be exposed to more than one form of violence.


More than half of our subjects have notified that they have been negatively affected by cyber violence. Prevention strategies should be created as well as the recognition of cyber bullying.


  • Cyber bullying;
  • Cyber violence;
  • Internet;
  • Violence
Nursen Turan, Oguz Polat, Mustafa Karapirli, Cem Uysal, Seda Gokce Turan, The new violence type of the era: Cyber bullying among university students: Violence among university students, Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research, Volume 17, Issue 1, March 2011, Pages 21-26, ISSN 0941-9500,

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