Protest the VAW by using internet

My previous posts mostly show how social media and internet are bad for women and how women are abused and how they face the violence on the social media. However, social media can be useful for the increase the awareness for the VAW(a very very different perspective for the social medias). Campaigns and organizations prepare a lots of stuff to prevent the VAW.

Here, I put some different campaigns to prevent the VAW:

APAV'ın Kadına yönelik şiddet reklamnı Görmelisin!Ate que a morte nos separe'' Ölüm bizi ayırıncaya dek Bp_5fSDCMAEFhL- kadinlar-kontrol-edilmeli-google-tamamlama kadinlar-kole-olmali-google-tamamlama

But, do they really increase the awareness and prevent the VAW??

My answer is NO, they just evoke the VAW, moreover, they encourage the men. Of course, this is my answer to this question. However, unfortunately, I am against these campaigns.


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